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There are a lot of Podcasts out there that try to publish good content, but struggle with this aspect of Podcast production. They either spend way too much time and effort editing each episode, or end up publishing un-edited versions.

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Don't spend your time removing uhs, umms and stitching it all together. We'll handle all aspects of editing, while you focus on creating good content.

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A lot of Podcasts don't publish videos because of the nuances associated with video editing. With us by your side, you can publish to both mediums.

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There are costs (recurring, even) associated with pro editing tools. When you hire us, you can save all that money, and never have to worry about all that stuff.

Let's go ahead and remove these!
Transcript: Through_My_Eyes_157
Hello and what’s up everyone, and welcome to this week’s episode of through my eyes.
This is episode number 156, wait no, I think this is number 157. Ah fuck, let me do this again.
This is episode number 157, and for this episode, I umm… yeah, so I want to start the conversation by giving out a shoutout to the Firemen that are risking their lives to save thousands of people from the Australian fires. Where in Australia exactly, Ronnie?
With that out of the way, dear listeners, let me tell you about our new sponsor Hridge Wallet.
It's Bridge Wallet. Oh shit, it's Bridge?
Bridge Wallet, the highest rated three fold wallet in the whole wide motherlovin' world. And you know what, you motherlovers? You can can get it for so much more cheaper than it's usually available, because let's be honest it's pretty damn pricey. Just enter the code CASTX and get 20% off on your first Bridge Wallet.
Uhhh, so let's get into it then, shall we? You guys, you won't believe who I ran into yesterday? That fat-funny guy from the movies, Donah Jill. I think he's shooting a movie here in Montreal, isn't he? Man, I loved him in that movie where everyone is doing drugs - wait what's that movie called, oh yeah, The Lion of Wallstreet.

You take the lead, and we follow. With Castup, you never lose creative control over your content.

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1. The raw recordings reach us

After you have been successfully onboarded, you can upload raw recordings of your new episodes, along with any other materials to our Drive. It's that easy.

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2. We prepare a Transcript

We give your recordings a thorough listen and prepare a Transcript for the same episode. Did we mention we share the transcript with you within 24 hours?

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3. We edit based on your direction

Just highlight the parts you want removed on the shared Transcript, and we'll take care of the rest. You just sit back and relax!

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4. We make it all sound crisp

As part of our process, we clean up the audio files, add intro/outro or any ads, merge double ended recordings, take care of mic bleed and echo, etc.

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5. The episode is ready to go live

The files delivered by us can be published as is. We take care of even the smallest details like ID3 Tagging, so all you'll have to do is click Publish.

We are now helping Podcasters produce content for over 100m daily listeners!

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